Elevate Your Pin Display

From a single pin to a whole collection, they deserve a nice home. Customize your board with stand-out frames and unique fabrics.

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  • How to Create a Custom Magnetic Pin Board

  • Select a Frame

    Shop a wide variety of frames, ranging from hanging and table frames to shadowboxes and pin hoops.

  • Choose a Background

    Our magnetic pin boards can be customized with cotton fabrics, velvet, or even paper backgrounds such as book pages or sheet music.

  • Add the Extras

    Don't forget to add pin magnets or make any further customizations to your pin board.

Pin Magnets

By using pin magnets, pins can be easily moved on and off any magnetic surface. They are designed to allow the use of paper or fabric backgrounds without the damage of pin holes on your board. 

Already own a frame?

Convert your frame into your very own magnetic pin board by ordering a metal backing.

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